Cemetery research

Cemeteries are a fascinating place for me and a place I could spend hours in. Over the past few months, I have used a wonderful website, http://www.findagrave.com. This website is user contributed meaning the photos and information found came from other family tree enthusiasts that have volunteered to take down information and photos of the cemetery residents. Take some time to visit this site. You’ll never know how you may find.

The rock

Most people have something from their past they treasure. For some it’s a picture, jewelry, furniture or knick knack. One of my treasures is this rock. You see it’s my Tupper Lake rock. It came from the foundation of my great grandparents home when they lived at a cemetery where my great grandfather worked. I inherited it after my parents sold their house. Well I asked if I could have it and Dad was happy to pass it down.


Has anyone tried Ancestry DNA? I have and I must admit the results did not surprise me as they showed and confirmed most of what I have been researching. I even bought kits for my parents for Christmas AND I just sent my grandmothers in. Yes she spit in a tube for me. Now that’s grandmotherly love.